DirecTV Stream is a one-stop shop for online films and shows. DIRECTV Stream is an internet-based service that provides live TV wherever you have an internet connection. You can use the same account at home and on the road. It will work on your television, phone, tablet, and computer.

There’s also a DirecTV Stream free trial. But you might be wondering what it is and how to use it. In this article, we’ll go over what DirecTV is and how you can get a free trial. We will also review DirecTV Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and how to sign up for them.


DirecTV Stream is an AT&T streaming service combining regional streaming services under one name. Like streaming platforms, it can be accessed on a wide range of devices and allows integration with apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock TV, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Depending on your chosen package, you can connect up to 20 devices.

One unique aspect of DirecTV Stream is its television streaming service. Users have the option to purchase a remote-control box for functionality. However, without the box, DirecTV Stream operates similarly to platforms like Netflix or Hulu by offering the ability to stream TV from anywhere through their app. You can enjoy streaming on up to 20 devices within your home and up to three devices.

Regarding channel offerings, DirecTV Stream provides access to over 150+ channels, surpassing Sling and Hulu + Live TV in terms of variety. Unlike some competing services, DirecTV STREAM includes sports networks such as ESPN, TNT, FS1, and TBS. This grants you access to televised sports events, like football matches and Formula 1 races.

However, what’s really crucial is that it gives you the opportunity to watch more than 30 sports networks, such as NBC Sports and Bally Sports1. These specific channels are the broadcasters for a number of games, which means they are essential if you wish to keep up with the MLB, NBA, and NHL seasons.

DIRECTV STREAM Plans and Packages

DirecTV Stream has four monthly plans to choose from. The Directv Stream Packages includes Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. The only distinction between plans is the number of channels available.

Entertainment Plan

The 65-channel Entertainment Package is the most affordable option, costing $69.99 per month. This package includes all the networks, like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, along with news channels such as CNBC, CNN International, C SPAN FOX Business FOX News, and MSNBC. You’ll also have access to a variety of entertainment and lifestyle channels like USA Network, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, and Paramount Network. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy watching FS1, ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports Network and TNT. However, Regional sports networks are not available at this level.

Choice Plan

The $89.99 per month Choice plan expands the total choice of channels to approximately 90. This package offers most of the channels mentioned above. It also includes additional ones such as Cheddar, CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Fuse Game Show Network, Nick Jr., Nick Toons Own Science, Tastemade, The Weather Channel, and Travel Channel. In terms of sports coverage, you’ll have access to ACC, ESPNEWS, Espnu, MLB Network, NBA TV, and Tennis channel well.

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan, which costs $104.99 per month, broadens the lineup to 130 channels. You get all of Choice’s plan channels as well as American Heroes Channel, Aspire, BBC World News, CBS Sports Network, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, DIY, MTV Classic, Nat Geo Wild, NHL Centre Ice, Olympic Channel, Oxygen, several Starz Encore channels, Smithsonian Channel, and Universal Kids.

Premium Plan

For an enhanced channel selection, you have the option to upgrade to the Premier lineup, priced at $149.99 per month. This package includes 140 channels, with additions like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. Similar to services, DirecTV Stream allows you to subscribe to packages. For instance, you can opt for Premium Channels such as HBO Max, Cinemax, Epix, Showtime, and Starz. Additionally, there are package offerings in Brazil, Korea, and Vietnam.


By signing up for a free trial of DirecTV Stream, users can enjoy access to a selection of on-demand shows and movies, including both past and current content. However, the availability of premium content during the trial may vary depending on the plan you choose. For instance, while the basic Entertainment plan does not include previews of MAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, or Cinemax, the Premier plan does provide this feature.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that the channels may differ depending on your location. Nevertheless, the trial period offers an overview of the service’s content library and features.

Obtaining a trial for DirecTV Stream is now easier than before. Gone are the days when some people faced difficulties in accessing it. Simply follow these steps to enjoy a trial and watch all your favorite shows;

  • Select a DirecTV Stream package that suits your needs.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, click on the “START FREE TRIAL” button.
  • Create an account by providing billing and personal details.
  • Click “Complete the process” to initiate your DirecTV Stream trial.

Please be aware that once the 5-day complimentary trial period is over, DirecTV Stream will commence charging you. Prior to that, no charges will be incurred.


During Black Friday, many companies, including streaming services, offer special deals, discounts, or bundles to attract new customers or reward existing ones. These promotions can include reduced subscription rates, free trial periods, or bundled packages with additional features.

For the most accurate and updated information on DirecTV Stream’s Black Friday deals in 2023, We’d recommend checking their official website.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter for notifications or keep an eye on reputable deals or tech news websites as the event approaches. These sources are likely to provide the most current information on any potential Black Friday offers from DirecTV Stream.

How to Sign Up?

If you’re interested in subscribing to DirecTV Stream during a period like Black Friday, here’s a general guide on how to get started;

  • Step # 1: Go to the DirecTV Stream website or the AT&T website. Look for the sign-up page, which might have offers highlighted during Black Friday.
  • Step # 2: Keep an eye out for any promotions, discounts, or deals that DirecTV Stream is offering for Black Friday. These are advertised on their page banners or a dedicated section for Black Friday deals.
  • Step # 3: Select the plan that suits your needs best. During the Black Friday promotion, there may be discounts or bundled options available. Ensure you carefully read all the details and terms of the offer to understand what’s included.
  • Step # 4: Click on ‘Sign Up’. Subscribe button when you’re ready to proceed with your chosen plan. This will take you to a page where you’ll need to provide some information, such as your name, email address, physical address, and payment details.
  • Step # 5: To take advantage of the Black Friday offer, make sure to enter any codes or discounts while signing up.
  • Step # 6: Lastly, it’s essential to review and confirm all the details of your chosen plan, including any discounts applied and the promotion terms, before you finalize your subscription.
  • Step # 7: Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the signup process, and keep an eye out for a confirmation email once you’ve successfully subscribed.


DirecTV Stream Cyber Monday is an event dedicated to offering customers discounted deals and promotions on DirecTV Stream services and products. It’s an opportunity for customers to enjoy savings on various plans, equipment, and streaming devices.

On Cyber Monday, interested customers can expect a variety of promotions. These may include discounted subscription packages, free trials, and additional perks like premium channels or streaming devices. These deals are attractive for both new customers looking to subscribe to DirectTV Stream and current users who want to upgrade their existing packages.

Moreover, when shopping during Cyber Monday for DirectTV Stream, you’ll find offers on streaming packages with different channel lineups, DVR capabilities and streaming quality. In addition, there are often deals that combine DirectTV Stream with services, like internet or phone plans.

Lastly, to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals for DirectTV Stream, customers have the option to visit the website or authorized retailers that offer these promotions. Keeping up with the offers and being aware of any time restrictions or specific terms and conditions for each deal is crucial. In general, the Cyber Monday deals from DirectTV Stream allow customers to get streaming packages and services, giving them entertainment choices while also saving money.

How to Sign Up?

To sign up for DirecTV during Cyber Monday, follow these steps:

  • Step # 1: Visit the DirecTV website on Cyber Monday.
  • Step # 2: Look for any promotions or deals specifically mentioned for Cyber Monday. These may be shown on the homepage or under a dedicated Cyber Monday section.
  • Step # 3: Click on the promotional offer or package that interests you.
  • Step # 4: Review the offer details, including channels, equipment, and pricing.
  • Step # 5: Click on the “Sign Up” or “Order Now” button.
  • Step # 6: Provide your personal information, such as name, address, and contact information.
  • Step # 7: Select your desired package and any additional add-ons.
  • Step # 8: Choose your installation date and time preference.
  • Step # 9: Review your selected package and pricing details.
  • Step # 10: Enter your payment information to complete the order.
  • Step # 11: Once the sign-up process is complete, you will get a confirmation email.

Lastly, carefully read through the terms and conditions, as well as any fine print associated with the Cyber Monday deal, to ensure you understand the offer and any associated obligations or restrictions.


Here are a few DirecTV Stream Promos that you can get today. Most of these DirecTV Stream promos do not require any code at all.

  • $120 off your first 12 months with any package
  • $10 off each of the first three months when you order online ($30 total)
  • Premier plan for 2 years for $154.99 a month
  • 40+ specialty and regional sports networks at no extra cost for 3 months
  • Stream Pro and College Football for Free All Season Long with the DirecTV Sports Pack
  • Get Stream Premium Package for $150 per Month


DirecTV Stream is an internet-based service that provides live TV wherever you have an internet connection.

It allows users to watch all sorts of entertainment differently. Firstly, there is no satellite dish or cable box required. Moreover, there is actually a device available for purchase used solely for the streaming service. DirecTV Streaming is also compatible with a number of devices and has the most regional sports networks of any streaming service out there.

The DirecTV Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are one of the most prominent deals from any streaming service. Visit the website today to get your deals today.


Is The Streaming Service Of Directv As Traditional Directv?

DirecTV offers a more traditional cable service that closely resembles DirecTV Stream. While DirecTV does provide streaming options, you typically need to set up a Gemini box to access your service. Some contracts lock in your price. It offers a range of channels compared to DirecTV Stream. The most popular channels are the same. It’s worth noting that you might pay less for DirecTV compared to packages offered by DirecTV Stream.

Why is Directv Stream Expensive?

DirecTV Stream boasts a selection of channels, especially for sports coverage, which many competitors lack. However, it is also one of the streaming platforms, so it’s essential to consider if it suits your needs.

How to Cancel Directv Stream Subscription

Canceling your subscription with DirecTV Stream is not particularly difficult; however, the process may not be immediately apparent. You’ll need to navigate through your settings and modify your existing plan, where you will find the option to cancel the service.

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