FuboTV Free Trial: How to watch Fubo TV for free

Who doesn’t love free trials associated with enormous selection of channels? Whether you’re thinking about finally cutting the cable cord or transferring from another streaming service, free trial is the greatest way to experience a new live tv streaming service.

Fortunately, Fubo is one of a few streaming services that allows potential members to try out their services for free.

You can weigh the benefits & downsides of the service before committing to make sure it meets your television viewing requirements. Want to know more about Fubo Tv? Continue reading this article!

What is Fubo TV?

Fubo’s live sports, news, and entertainment channel portfolio is among the greatest of any streaming service. Its standard plan includes more than 169 channels, which comes quite close to providing cord-cutters with a cable-like experience.

The best approach to test out one of the premium streaming services and determine if it’s a suitable fit for you is to sign up for a Fubo free trial.

The Fubo TV platform wants to offer users a chance to watch their most-liked live sports, on-demand titles, and desired channels like TBS, FX TNT, and more.

The standard package gives viewers access to many entertainment channels, so every login means you may come upon something new. One day, you might go through old Cartoon Network shows, and the following day, you’re clicking between HGTV, AMC, and MTV,

Fubo TV Plans & Pricing

Fubo offers several plans that is design to suit your viewing needs. Here are the plans available on Fubo TV and their price.

Fubo Pro

Fubo Pro is the new base plan, giving you 170 channels for $74.99 monthly. You’ll have 1,000 hours of cloud-based DVR and the capacity to watch on up to 10 screens at home and 2 aside from your home network.

Fubo Elite

Fubo Elite boosts things up to $84.99 monthly and owns 235 channels (with 130-plus events in 4K), 54 from the Fubo Extra plan, and 11 from News Plus. Cloud-based DVR remains corresponding to Pro at 1,000 hours, and you still have the same 10 screens at residence and two on the road.

Fubo Premier

Fubo Premier is $94.99 monthly and provides 244 channels (plus events in 4K) and the same additional channels as Elite. Further, 54 Fubo Extra channels and 11 News Plus channels. It also has 1,000 hours of DVR and 10 screens, plus two away from home.

Fubo Latino

For $24.99 monthly, Fubo Latino provides 45 channels of Latino-motif content and a cloud-based DVR of 250 hours. You can only view two screens at once on this plan.

Each of these packages comes with a free seven-day trial. You can pay off monthly or quarterly.

Is There A Free Trial On Fubo TV?

Yes! FuboTV is offering a 7-day free trial. The trial version may not be applicable to all FuboTV subscription plans. It is only part of the Family package.

Subscription plans for Fubo start at $74.99/month. And include a choice to begin with a seven-day free trial. This is similar to different leading live TV streaming services like Twitch TV.

You can explore three main plans before buying with a seven-day free trial. Thus, you can go through anywhere from 130 to 229 channels free of charge for a week.

You’ll have to enter your payment information to begin your free trial. But, you won’t be asked for payment as long as you terminate your plan before seven days elapse.

A free trial for Fubo drops right in the center of the pack. Some services provide a month of free service, whereas many don’t offer a free trial. Remember that Fubo provides one of the best channel listings. Its free trial offers a great choice to check what it offers.

Fubo TV Bundles

Fubo TV offers one deal on premium networks that can save users. Although, it doesn’t have any multi-platform bundles at the moment, contrary to The Disney Bundle that comes with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus.

Moreover, Fubo offers several channel listings in all of its plans; it has no deals that will get you a price cut with other streaming platforms.

That being said, Fubo TV provides free trials with all of its packages, so you can look at what’s accessible without any obligation to pay the subscription fee. You can try Fubo on Google Chrome Cast and most other streaming devices.

Fubo TV Deals

At present, there are no interesting FuboTV deals on tap. Fubo TV hold off its low-priced plan shortly this year, and there are now three major FuboTV plans accessible for you to sign up for: the base $74.99 per month FuboTV Pro plan, the $84.99 per month Elite tier, and the $94.99 per month premier plan.

The Pro plan gives you the primary FuboTV user experience, even though that’s still a great deal. It contains over 130 channels. The Elite tier package adds 4K streaming and provides over 190 channels, while the premier tier offers over 230 channels, including Showtime.

These three packages include 1,000 hours of Cloud-based DVR storage and grant you to stream on up to 10 devices simultaneously, greater than most competitors.

Latino Package

Besides that, there’s also a FuboTV Latino package, which is only $24.99/ month. This contains more than 45 Spanish-language channels and 250 hours of DVR storage.

The accurate number of channels accessible will vary depending on your location. Please keep in mind that a zonal sports fee may also be added to your package. You have the option to pay monthly or quarterly. Bear in mind you don’t get any reduction or discount for the quarterly option; sadly, the monthly fee of your FuboTV subscription is the same.

Sign-Up For FuboTV Free Trial

You can sign up on the platform for the 7-day free trial by following steps.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of FuboTV.
  • Step 2: Select the “Start Free Trial” button on the website.
  • Step 3: Create an account by entering your email ID.
  • Step 4: Select your desired plan for FuboTV after creating your account.
  • Step 5: Click on the “Start Free Trial” button. This will direct you to the accessory page, where you can choose any bonus package of channels. After choosing, click the Next button.
  • Step 6: You will be redirected to the billing page. Here, mention your credentials and other details. Note that the amount will be deducted after the 7-day trial.
  • Step 7: After the billing process, you can now enjoy the Fubo TV free trial.

FuboTV’s free trial is of several types. If you go with the leading free trial, it would be 7 days. Moreover, it provides a 14-day trial for new subscribers for a bit of time, maybe during the holiday season. Currently, there are no 14-day free Trial periods on offer. Look out for holiday discounts in your area.

What Channels are available on FuboTV

FuboTV has a dynamic slate of channels. Start with your local broadcast associates, even though you’ll want to go through the Fubo website because those can differ a little, depending on where you live.

Fubo Pro’s base starter plan includes 145 channels: eight separate beIN Sports channels, 11 from Univision Deportes Network, and others with alternates.

Depending upon what Fubo package you choose, you can get over 200 channels. Some are sports-oriented channels, including various Fox Sports, beIN Sports channels, and ESPN.

However, while Fubo focuses on sports programming, it also provides many other channels, including Discovery Channel, Food Network, Comedy Channel, and Bravo. Besides its Premier package, you also get Showtime.

FuboTV offers three different subscription plans, each with a different set of channels. The following are some of the standard FuboTV channels:

  • ABC
  • BBC
  • Animal planet
  • beIN Sports
  • CBS
  • CNBC
  • Comedy Central
  • Comet TV
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • ESPN
  • FOX
  • FXX
  • Golf Channel
  • LOGO
  • MLB Network
  • MTV
  • NBA
  • NBC
  • National Geographic
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • Nickelodeon
  • Olympic Channel
  • Paramount Network
  • Sony Movie Channel
  • The CW
  • Univision
  • USA Network

Upgrades And Add-Ons

FuboTV also provides a variety of add-ons. Feature upgrades, premium add-ons, and channel add-ons are examples of these. These are some examples:

Add-on for Family Share- You can watch FuboTV channels on three different devices at the same time for $5.99 per month.

Unlimited Screens- For $9.99 per month, you can access unlimited screens.

At $16.99 per month, Cloud DVR1000 gives you 1000 hours of DVR storage to save video for offline viewing.

Fubo Extra- With this add-on, subscribers may enjoy 48 extra channels for just $7.99.

Adventure Plus- For $4.99 a month, this add-on gives you access to 6 live channels. Shorts, outdoor channels, and even MAV and Insight TV are available.

Live Sports On Fubo TV

Fubo TV, initially launched as a soccer-centric streaming service, has since expanded to offer broad sports programming options for any live streaming service.

Besides various channels of Fox Sports, beIN Sport, and ESPN, as well as league- and sport-particular channels, users can tune in to events across the globe. With 1,000 hours of DVR, they won’t have to dwell on time differences.

Subscribers will be treated to Premier League, Liga X, NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, Nascar, and more with Fubo TV base plans; you also get the Sport Plus add-on for even more options.

When Do You Need A VPN To Watch FuboTV?

FuboTV limits what content you can view depending on your geographical location. Fubo TV has only 3 authorized regions, the United States, Canada, and Spain, and the channels vary in each library.

Countries cannot access FuboTV programs elsewhere, considering the platform is geo-blocked due to transmission restrictions. Using modern technology, the site discovers if you’re outside its authorized regions and blocks you from accessing its channels.

No matter your circumstances, the prime way to get around FuboTV’s geo-limitation is with a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a plain app that hides your IP address by allocating you a new one from a different country of your option. This makes FuboTV believe you’re in one of its authorized countries and open the shows for you.

Nonetheless, only up-to-the-mark VPNs are required to stream effortlessly on Fubo TV. The ones on these listings provide reliable servers at superfast speeds in FuboTV’s authorized countries, so you’ll access the platform even when traveling.


Does fuboTV offer 4K streaming?

Yes, fuboTV supports 4K and HD streaming for select content – including sports content. You can search specifically for 4K shows and games in the fuboTV app.
Some shows or games are offered in 4K and others in HDR10, so ensure you have 4K or HD compatible devices to view them. Also, recording 4k content to your Cloud DVR is not supported.

Can I cancel my fuboTV subscription?

FuboTV has no strings attached so you can cancel your subscription anytime.

What channels do I get with the FuboTV free trial?

You will get more than 100+ channels. It would depend on the plan that you will choose. Cloud DVR recording and screen sharing on multiple devices will also be available.

How Many devices can you stream on Fubo TV at the same time?

Fubo lets you simultaneously stream on up to as many as 10 devices on your home network, which is excellent for sports fans who may want to watch multiple games simultaneously. You can watch on three additional devices outside your home network, which lets you share your service with family or friends.


Even the most basic bundle offered by fuboTV includes an enormous selection of channels, including live and on-demand content from all genres. Despite the high cost of the plans, there is a lot to choose from.

FuboTV may be an especially wise option for sports fans because all packages include a selection of premium sports channels, & you can add even more by selecting from a long list of optional extras. In addition, you may enjoy TV in various languages and watch elite international matches from the French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish divisions.

If your family has a wide range of tastes, consider fuboTV. You can all watch something different simultaneously if you have numerous devices on your account! Furthermore, the cloud recording tool allows you to save significant episodes and features to view later. FuboTV may be a good option if you want a full TV bundle that doesn’t require cable installation.

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