LifeLock Free Trial: How to get 30 Days free Trial

In the world of cyber threats, keeping your personal information safe is paramount. This is because when a hacker gets his hands on your personal information, he can open an account in your name, take out a loan, or even commit financial fraud, putting you in trouble.

This is where LifeLock comes in. It is an identity theft protection service from Norton that provides reimbursement for stolen funds, credit monitoring, and similar services to prevent identity theft. It comes with various coverage packages, each with different features, allowing you to choose whichever fits you best.

Although no privacy protection service can guarantee that your personal information won’t be compromised, a reliable one will promptly notify you so you can act. In this LifeLock review, we’ll go over LifeLock’s broad identity theft protection services, how to get its free trial and other key features that set LifeLock apart from the competition.

What is LifeLock?

LifeLock is a company dedicated to safeguarding individuals from identity theft by providing measures to protect their data and financial accounts. They offer software that is downloadable on your computer and phone, offering security plans to keep your information secure.

In addition to protection services, LifeLock offers features that simplify the process of managing your identity in case someone steals it. If your wallet is stolen, they will assist you in the time-consuming task of canceling or replacing credit cards, driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and other essential documents.

Their approach sets LifeLock apart—they don’t rely on an external insurance company like AIG. Instead, they insure themselves against any losses incurred by their customers. Although this might raise concerns under the circumstances, it is worth noting that LifeLock is a well-established company with ample funding.

Moreover, their Ultimate Plus plan provides coverage of up to $1 million for assistance from lawyers and experts who can help you regain control over your life after an identity theft incident. This encompasses the expenses related to acquiring paperwork, the financial impact of missed work, and the costs associated with attending meetings and court hearings.

How does LifeLock Work?

LifeLock is an online security subscription service that a person can use to add an extra layer of protection against identity theft. It safeguards your privacy by tracking your credit, bank account, Social Security Number, and other personal data and notifying you of any unusual activity.

It will scan up to 1 trillion points of information per day in an attempt to stop identity theft before it begins. If a threat arises, it will notify the subscriber in an attempt to prevent identity theft from happening in the first place, such as by asking if the person applied for a new mortgage loan.

Finally, if identity theft occurs, LifeLock will spend up to $1 million to help restore the person’s identity and credit to their pre-identity theft state.

LifeLock Features

Norton LifeLock offers a range of features, especially if you opt for their higher-tier plans. These plans include credit monitoring services from up to three credit bureaus. Additionally, you can keep track of your transactions, social media accounts, dark web activities, and more.

Credit Checking

When it comes to credit checking, LifeLock primarily relies on Equifax for its monitoring solutions. This means that with the LifeLock Standard and Advantage Plans, you will have access to Equifax data only. However, the Ultimate Plus plan provides Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion monitoring services.

You will receive notifications through credit monitoring if any inquiries are made in your name regarding credit. You can easily view a list of these inquiries under the Credit Services tab. If there is an inquiry that you don’t recognize, you have the option to report it as such by clicking “Report an Inaccuracy.” A paid credit monitoring service like Norton LifeLock is worth considering, as it can help expedite recovery from identity theft situations.

Identity Alert System

The foundation of all the LifeLock services, this system keeps a watch for any use of your Social Security number, name, address, or date of birth in credit or service applications. Their patented structure sends alerts through text messages, phone calls, emails, or our mobile app.

Dark Web Surveillance

On the web, where identity thieves sell data on obscure websites and online forums, LifeLock monitors for any signs of your information that might get compromised. If they discover anything concerning, they will promptly notify you to act.

Monitoring False Identity

They proactively search for names and addresses associated with your Social Security number to safeguard you from criminals who create identities to open accounts or commit fraud.

Million Dollar Protection Plan

If you become a victim of identity theft, their Million Dollar Protection Package is here to assist you. It covers reimbursement for stolen funds and personal expenses up to $1 million. Additionally, if necessary, it provides support from lawyers and professionals with limits of up to $1 million to help resolve your case.

How Much Does LifeLock Cost?

LifeLock offers three tiers of identity theft protection: Standard, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus.

  • Standard Plan

The Standard plan is at a price of $12 monthly and provides basic features. These features include monitoring the Dark Web for any information alerts, notifications if someone tries to change your location, alerts for data breaches, and credit monitoring from one bureau.

If your identity is stolen, you also receive $1 million in insurance coverage to assist with expenses, $25,000 for personal expenses, and another $25,000 for stolen funds.

  • Advantage Plan

The Advantage plan costs $23 per month and includes protections. It monitors your savings and checking accounts and keeps an eye on your credit cards and criminal records.

Moreover, it offers Identity Lock functionality that allows you to block the use of your TransUnion credit report. The Advantage plan covers $100,000 for stolen funds and an additional $100,000 for expenses.

  • Ultimate Plus

Lifelock’s Ultimate Plus tier is highly recommended worldwide and comes for $35 per month. This plan offers all the advantages of the Advantage plan and tons of extra features.

These additional features include monitoring the three credit bureaus’ alerts if someone attempts to open a bank account using your name. Some other features are checking for updates on sex offender news reports and keeping an eye on your 401K and other investment accounts. Moreover, you’ll receive insurance coverage of $1 million for stolen funds and $1 million each for private and legal costs.

LifeLock Free Trial

Before you decide to try out the trial of LifeLock, you need to choose between a seven-day trial or a thirty-day trial. If you opt for the thirty-day trial, you can select from LifeLock plans like Standard, Advantage, or Ultimate Plus. Whether you go for a yearly membership, the first 30 days are on the house. LifeLock will only charge you after the trial period ends.

However, if you’re interested in trying out the Norton 360 plus LifeLock bundle, there’s a seven-day trial, and it requires signing up for an annual subscription. The same rules apply here; during the seven days, there won’t be any charges from LifeLock; however, once that period is over, your plan’s yearly subscription will be automatically billed.

Is LifeLock Free Trial Worth It?

Selecting an identity theft protection plan differs from choosing a VPN or antivirus software. While it’s crucial to hide your footprint and protect your devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets from hackers using a VPN, there’s more at stake regarding safeguarding your home’s title and life savings. It goes beyond protecting your identity in this scenario.

With Lifelock’s trial, you not only get the necessary features but also have at least a month to familiarize yourself with the software that serves as the “control center” for protecting against ID theft.

Regardless of the plan you opt for, you’ll have access to Lifelock’s range of identity fraud protection features and ample time to test them all out.

How to Cancel LifeLock Free Trial Subscription

If using Lifelock’s services isn’t what you’re looking for, your first step would be to disable renewal. Regarding trials, it’s typical to log in to your LifeLock account and choose “Manage my account” from the drop-down menu.

Remember that turning off auto-renewal doesn’t mean requesting a refund. If you have purchased a 30-day cash-back trial for $29.99, it is important to submit your refund application within two weeks of signing up. This will allow you to continue using LifeLock for two weeks after requesting a refund. Remember to request your rebate within two weeks of canceling the auto-renewal.

What are the Benefits of Using LifeLock?

The benefits of using LifeLock for your online protection are: –

  • Malware Protection: Norton has long been a trusted provider of virus and malware protection. Their advanced software can. Eliminate any security threats on your devices. Having antivirus software like Norton LifeLock is essential for computer security.
  • Privacy: Norton’s tools safeguard your activities by preventing hackers from accessing your information through a secure VPN connection.
  • Affordable: Affordability is another benefit of Norton LifeLock, as they provide a discounted yearly rate on all their plans. This makes it a cost-effective choice for any business.

LifeLock Vs. Identity Force

Identity Guard and LifeLock offer levels of protection for individuals and households. They have plans, such as Value, Total, Ultra from Identity Guard, and Ultimate Plus from LifeLock.

The Ultra plan from Identity Guard is quite similar to Lifelock’s Ultimate Plus plan. Both include services like Dark Web checking, three-bureau credit monitoring, credit lock, and social media tracking. However, Lifelock’s Norton 360 online protection is stronger. Includes a VPN that Identity Guard doesn’t offer.

Initially, the price of Lifelock’s Ultimate Plus plan with Norton 360 is the same as the Identity Guards Ultra plan – $29.99 for the year. After the year, however, Lifelock’s monthly fee increases to $34.99. So, you need to consider if the additional features offered by LifeLock are worth the cost.

LifeLock vs. Identity Guard

In comparison to Lifelock’s plan options, IdentityForce has two plans available for individuals and households: UltraSecure and UltraSecure+Credit.

LifeLock’s Ultimate Plus plan with Norton 360. IdentityForce’s UltraSecure+Credit provides many of the safeguards. These include three-bureau credit surveillance and social media monitoring. However, there are some differences – IdentityForce doesn’t offer credit lock or payday loan monitoring like LifeLock does. Additionally, while LifeLock offers three million dollars in ID theft insurance coverage, IdentityForce provides one million dollars in coverage.

On the side, IdentityForce offers identity theft protection that’s just as reliable as LifeLock. They also provide tools, like a credit score simulator, which lets you observe how your financial choices impact your credit score.

Final Thoughts

Norton’s LifeLock is one of the leading identification protection service providers these days. It has a multi-layered advanced security that monitors for threats and provides restoration services to help with identity theft.

With three different identity theft protection packages, LifeLock offers a plan suitable for everyone. The Ultimate Plus provides the best monitoring solutions and comes with three-bureau monitoring and coverage of up to $3 million.

Lastly, LifeLock offers a free trial for 30 days, which must be your choice if you are looking for a wide range of options for identity monitoring and reimbursement for identity thefts. It allows you to test it to see the best service for your needs.


Is Lifelock Worth It?

Yes, it may be worth it, especially Lifelock’s ultimate plus plan, if you are looking for the most advanced monitoring and protection against identity theft and other types of fraud.

What Is Lifelock’s Trial Period?

LifeLock offers 30 days free trial for all new customers. It’s however a promotional offer and time limited. So take advantage of it now.

What Is The Downside Of Lifelock?

LifeLock has standard and advanced plans that only include monitoring with one credit bureau.

Is Lifelock Trustable?

In recent years, LifeLock has received customer service awards. You can rely on it to keep your data secure.