MAX free trial – How to Get HBO Max for free

If you want Max’s free trial, join the club. Max, previously known as HBO Max, is one of the best streaming services positioned on the strength of its libraries, loaded with licensed movies and shows and marvelous HBO originals.

HBO Max was first launched in May 2020, initially providing a 7-day free trial. And while at-no-cost trials were offered along with other services, HBO’s trial soon vanished from sight.

Nonetheless, as the service expands, you may soon learn about Max’s free trial to gaze at the best serials on HBO Max. In addition, if you were peculiar about the ad-supported experience, know that Max with advertisements is better than what I mostly thought it would be. Start your 7 Days Free Trial


We all have caught a glimpse of HBO since we were kids. HBO is the most recent major player to enter the streaming wars, debuting in May 2020 with a robust library of Warner Brothers content and water cooler-worthy new movies and TV shows.

You Can Sign Up For Max Right Now

HBO, not long ago, has swapped its name from HBO Max to just “Max.” HBO Max was launched in 2020 by Warner Bros. It achieved popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is because most of the Warner Brothers production was aired on the program on the same day of their launch in theatres. Together with its associate streaming service, Discovery+, these two platforms have scraped together a considerable subscriber base of 96.1 million end users and continue to grow.

Is There a Max (HBO Max) Free Trial?

The news can be daunting for many customers, but HBO currently doesn’t provide free trials to new or current users. HBO was providing Max free trial till late 2020. But it has something more than an unbound trial for its end users; we’ll talk about that later in the article.

The primary 7-day free trial for HBO Max was withdrawn in December 2020, right before the launch of Wonder Woman. HBO Max directors expected followers to take the upper hand of the free-of-charge trial to watch a series and then call off before the $14.99 monthly subscription fee dished out.

HBO Max later launched a more economical, advertisement-supported subscription option valued at $9.99 to address this. However, it’s crucial to note that this low-cost tier does not accord access to recent theatrical releases. Start your 7 Days Free Trial

Is Max Free Trial Returning?

The accessibility of Max free trial may differ depending on the area/region and fixed promotions. In particular, some AT&T users may still have the chance to access HBO Max at no cost as part of specific cellular plans.

In addition, you can look into the option of obtaining a 7-day free trial through Hulu or Amazon Prime Video Channels. Another likelihood is to acquire a Roku product, which may come with a thirty-day free trial of HBO Max.

Where to Watch Max (HBO Max) For Free?

Since Max has no free trial, you can’t look at its content library on the platform for free. Despite that, there are further ways that you can use.

Max can be adjoined on to other streaming services and subscriptions. As an add-on, HBO Max can occasionally be accessed with a free-of-cost trial. Below are some ways you can watch Max for free.

Amazon Prime

You can be entertained by seven full days of HBO Max for free when you sign in for the add-on on Prime Video. Initially, you’ll first need a Prime account, which provides a thirty-day free trial, and then follow the directions to add Max to your subscription to obtain your Max free trial.

Prime memberships cost $14.99/month, and HBO Max can be included for an additional $15.99/month. Once you sign up, however, you also have the command to cancel it before the Max free trial time ends and elude the extra cost. This is an excellent way for Prime Video customers to appreciate the best Max has to give, even for now.

AT&T Wireless Plan

Since AT&T no longer provides new users free-of-charge Max subscriptions, those with qualifying, preapproved wireless plans can keep their free Max benefit.

Check if your plan is entitled, as you might need to initiate the benefits since HBO Max has entirely changed over to Max. Consider that if you decide to sign in for a new AT&T plan for an unforeseen reason, you will no longer have your free Max deal.


Max is accessible as an add-on to many streaming services, and you can even add it to Hulu’s low-priced $7.99 a month plan. And you can still include Max as an add-on to your Hulu subscription as a seven-day free trial. This choice is open to new and current Hulu users, encompassing everybody signing in for a free 30-day trial at Hulu.

Max fees kick in at the same $15.99 a month as soon as the seven days are up. As things stand, Hulu isn’t offering the possibility of the $9.99 a month Max Add-on as a bolt-on.

You can boot into the Max website and app with your Hulu login to reap the benefits of outright access. Suppose you attempt to browse via the Hulu app. In that case, you won’t spot the whole library selection, especially the cinema features, so download the proper HBO Max app, too.

The Max app is a very smooth-running application to use already; rivals like Prime Video are still such a mess with bad user interface and more challenging to steer through, considering how it’s been around for years.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless provides users who pay a subscription to their $60 per month plan a complementary Max account with advertisements. It’s an entirely free subscription, not just an HBO Max free trial.

All you need to do is sign on for the Cricket plan, make an online Cricket account, and log in to Max utilizing your Cricket credentials. This is one of the trouble-free ways to get HBO Max for free!


HBO Max free trial offers an exceptional opportunity to plunge into the vast world of streaming entertainment. With its substantial library of licensed movies, popular TV serials, and renowned HBO originals, Max offers a wide range of digital content of different genres, something for everyone. Start your 7 Days Free Trial

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